Welcome to the Utah Lacrosse Report.

The Utah Lacrosse Report is a weekly roundup of the ins and outs of lacrosse in Utah. ULR will mainly focus on high school, but will certainly feature college, club, and youth stories.

The Utah Lacrosse Report serves as a place to unite the community, tell untold stories, keep everyone in the loop, and talk lacrosse. Why an email newsletter? Honestly, because it’s something I have wanted to do for a long time and Substack gives me a great platform to do it. I’ve run websites, social media accounts, etc and while those things are great and important, I wanted a change of pace from those outlets.

I may decide to go twice a week if there is a need but for now I just plan on a Monday/Tuesday morning email. I’m planning on starting on September 16.

My name is Tim Haslam. 2020 will be my 18th year participating in lacrosse in Utah as a player, fan, coach, or media member. Here’s a brief rundown (mainly for my own purposes):

2000 - 2003: Highland High School Defenseman
2007: Varsity Head Coach, Cottonwood
2008 - 2010: JV Head Coach, Highland. ULA Youth Coach
2011: CollegeLAX.us Editor-in-Chief
2011 - 2016: Utah Lacrosse News Founder, Editor-in-Chief
2017 - 2018: University of Utah Men’s Lacrosse Sports Information Director, IMLAX Youth Coach
2019: University of Utah Men’s Lacrosse PxP Announcer & Away Social Media, Farmington High School Assistant Coach, IMLAX Youth Coach
2020: University of Utah Men’s Lacrosse PxP Announcer, Farmington HS Asst. Coach

I was also the 2013 US Lacrosse Person of the Year for the ULA, have written articles for the Deseret News and US Lacrosse Magazine and have done a couple lacrosse podcasts. I also did PxP for Westminster but I can’t remember the years.

I’ve had a lot of great experiences and been to several great lacrosse destinations with these affiliations. I’m looking forward to more!

Feel free to shoot me an email: tim@timhaslam.com

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