Senior Spotlights: Brighton Girls, Green Canyon Boys, Waterford Girls + Other Lacrosse Action

Issue 26

Good morning lacrosse fans! I hope you’re doing well and thanks for spending some time reading the Utah Lax Report.

Senior Spotlights

I’ll do these as long as you keep submitting them! Send them to This week features the Brighton Girls, Green Canyon Boys and Waterford Girls teams. I have a couple teams lined up for next week as well.

Brighton Girls Lacrosse

Hannah Gebauer – Hannah was our offensive MVP her sophomore and junior year. She was an amazing team captain this year. She will continue playing next year at Westminster, they are lucky to have her!

Baylee Bruce – Baylee is a defensive powerhouse and has such a high lacrosse IQ. We love Baylee’s work ethic and how dependable she is – on and off the field. She is going to the University of Utah.

Paige Sieverts – Paige Sieverts was our MVP from last season and voted as a team captain this year. Paige’s energy and love for lacrosse is unmatched. She is playing for Southern Virginia in the fall and we can’t wait to see her impact on that team!

Samantha Heugly – Sammie is our two-time defensive MVP and another captain this year. Sammie’s interceptions are our favorite thing and she is an incredible teammate. She is playing at Westminster next year.

Tyler John – Tyler is such an all-around player. She’s played every position for us at some point. We’ve loved watching Tyler progress into an incredible lacrosse player who still hasn’t even hit her potential. She will be playing at SVU next year and will make an immediate difference.

Grace Wheat – Wheatbread was our goalie in our 3 games this year and was a brick house. Her coordination, long clears and team communication made such a difference. We loved having Wheatbread join our team this year. Wheat plans on enlisting in the US Navy after graduation.

Sophie Coccimiglio – Sophie improved so much in the last few months and we’ve been so excited to see her shine. Sophie is always so willing, helpful and motivated. It was so fun to watch her fall in love with lacrosse. She was a huge asset on our team. Sophie is heading to Utah State in the fall.

Hailey Shadix – Hailey joined our team this year and was a bright light! She has an infectious personality and such a positive attitude. She was always ready to work hard and support her team. We will miss her! She is going to the University of Hawaii at Manoa.

Tealee Katoa – Tealee joined our team this year and was a great addition! Tealee is an amazing teammate and is always so supportive. She works hard and always tries her best. We’re so glad she was on our team! She is going to Weber State in the fall.

Green Canyon Boys Lacrosse

Lucas Garrison - Lucas is our Team President and had we have been able to play a full season, one of the top LSM/Defensive players in the state. He is very dedicated and gives his all in whatever he does, whether that is playing lacrosse or restoring his sweet El Camino. After he graduates, he plans on serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. When he returns, he has thoughts of joining the Marine Corps and serving his country. Lucas played for and traveled with True Utah's 2020-2021 State Team and has hopes to further his lacrosse play at the college level.

Hyrum Brown, is our attack Captain and also our 'lunch pail' player, meaning he shows up ready every day, displays a solid work ethic, and comes back the next day diligently, and striving to be better. With life, Hyrum is just getting started at becoming an incredible leader in anything he does, and lacrosse at Green Canyon High School is just the beginning. Whether he plays at the college level, professional level or in his backyard with his own kids, Hyrum has given, gained, and will continue to give to and gain from lacrosse those things that are least measurable and most important: life lessons and life long relationships. 

Andrew Needham - Needham is our varsity goalie and team captain. Andrew has a deep passion for lacrosse and a strong desire to be competitive. He has worked incredibly hard in the offseason with coach Phil Cannell (Westminster 2016-2019), and prior to the lockout had made significant improvements in saves, speed in the cage and general IQ on the field. Andrew is interested in extending his lacrosse experience in college, and will likely play goalie for a local University here in the state of Utah.

Carson Clark - Carson is one of the top attackmen in the state. Carson's ability to take assists on the crease and convert to a score is one of our weapons in 2020. Carson has been involved with lacrosse for 6 years, and when you watch Carson play, it reminds you of all the fun reasons why you love this game, because he is having so much fun! Carson is a team leader and a returning varsity player in 2020. After high school Carson plans on serving an LDS Mission in Morristown, New Jersey speaking Spanish. Once home will begin attending Utah State Majoring in Business, and playing lacrosse. 

Nic McKenna - Nic returned to lacrosse as a Junior, after playing for 3 years when he was younger and rediscovered what he loved about the sport. Nic is deceptive in that he is tall and lean, but he has great timing on hits, and is not afraid to body-up on defense. Nic is a very versatile player and can move from LSM to Close D and even to midfield with a short stick. After graduation, Nic will be serving an LDS mission in Mexico and attending Utah State University to play lacrosse.

Danny Sanchez - Daniel has always been a very responsible person and likes everything to be organized. He is a three-sport student-athlete (lacrosse, wrestling and football), and enjoys the outdoors, and is a great friend to everyone. Daniel is a coach’s dream in that he always will give you all that he has on the field, at practices and in the hallways. He is also the kind of person you want to be friends with for life, because he will always have your back. After graduation, he plans to serve an LDS mission and upon returning, start his journey in Pre-med and medical school to become a Pediatrician.

Dillon Mathews - Dillon started playing lacrosse team his Junior year and discovered it was the sport he had wished he's played all his life. Lacrosse has taught him to believe in himself and always compete! His plans for after high school include serving a mission for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and then attending Utah State University, where he can continue his lacrosse experience.

Jack Radford - Jack is a first-year player, and stepped into the game last winter after having a successful high school career on the football field. Big, smart, and very athletic, Jack instantly added depth to our defense. Jack is that one player who this pandemic has hindered the most because he improved every day, and his long-term potential as a developing player was contagious to the other players....they saw Jack getting better each day and it pushed them and reminded them of how much they loved the sport, especially when they first started playing.

Romney 'Big Fish' Fish - Fish is BIG, and he is also an incredibly pleasant person to be around. As a goalie, he improves every practice and every game, and has the ability to keep his head and not get discouraged. He is responsible, and according to mom, has never had to be hounded to get good grades. Romney is loved by his teammates and a pleasure to be around. Upon graduation, Romney will complete a welding certification, and begin a successful career. 

Waterford Girls Lacrosse

Hanna Bruce - Captain Starter - Attack - Hanna is always positive, thrives on competition, and can run like the wind! She is planning on attending the University of Utah and am wanting to study Kinesiology or Nursing.

Sammy Campbell - Attack - Sammy never gives up, is relentlessly positive, and sets a great example for younger players both on and off the field. She will be attending UCSD as an Environmental Science major.

Gentri Fox - Attack - During the animal cup, Gentri got on top of the pyramid and yelled “Let’s Get Fired Up!” and no one will ever forget it. She is hilarious, dedicated to the team, and makes all teammates feel included.

Ashton Hammock - Defense - Communicates with her defensive unit, is in the right place at the right time, works hard and asks great questions. She plans to attend the University of Colorado Boulder where she will study biology with a focus in ecology and evolutionary sciences.

Jessie Moskowitz - Defense - Decided to play for the first time as a junior, and is a natural defender. She has quick feet and is tenacious. She will fight you for a ground ball and she will win!

Annabelle Reed - Captain Starter - Defense/Midfield - Annabelle plays where we ask her to play and works hard no matter what. As a captain, she is totally invested in creating moments for fun and team bonding. She is planning on going to BYU and being on their lacrosse team!

Other Lacrosse Action

The NCAA felt this Josh Stout wrap around was one of the top moments of the season. Couldn’t agree more!

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If any of you coaches out there are looking for something to do, look to the example of Karen Schnurr, head coach at Pennridge (PA), who biked to each players house and played catch with them.

While you’re on the US Lacrosse Magazine site, check out the article about Jack Allard, who was a former 2x All-American at Bates College who survived a bout with COVID-19.

That’s it for this week. If you have any news, comments or questions, please send them my way!

- Tim Haslam