Senior Spotlights w/ Alta Boys, Bear River Boys + Real Sports Covers Cascade Face Shields, #GivingTuesdayNow

Issue 27

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Real Sports Covers Cascade Face Shields

If you have a spare two minutes, please watch the video below. It explains how Cascade is helping to fight COVID-19 by providing face shields.


Tomorrow (Tuesday, May 5th) is a global day of giving. US Lacrosse Steve Stenersen encourages lacrosse fans to donate to the US Lacrosse campaign so that we can ‘give the opportunity to play tomorrow’.

All donations will be matched dollar-for-dollar up to that amount by a generous US Lacrosse Foundation board member. Your gift of any amount will get us one step closer to our goal of providing more children with the opportunity to play lacrosse when it is safe to take the field again.

The goal is to raise $19,000 between now and midnight on May 5. To donate, please click here.

Silver Linings: The Financial Strain Facing College Sports Should Be an Opportunity for Lacrosse

Terry Foy, CEO of Inside Lacrosse, penned an excellent article about how colleges are/will be losing revenue due to COVID-19 and how adding lacrosse could be a way to negate some of those losses. You can read the full article here. Matt Brown, a college football writer, also chimed in, saying that adding sports is a great way to add revenue.

Senior Spotlights

Once again, we had some great Senior Spotlights. I will be doing more over the next couple of weeks so there is still time to submit them. Send to

The Brighton Boys program had a unique way of honoring its seniors. KSL was on-hand to capture the moment.

Alta Boys Lacrosse

Seth Checketts - Seth has been a three-year starter at Alta and a team leader from day one with his work effort and attitude. Probably one of the best players that no one really knows about till you play Alta. He is athletically gifted and has some of the best stick skills I have seen for a long pole. He was our tone-setter running the wing as an LSM from the first face-off! Seth is going to be heading to the University of Utah and will do some work in the military with the Army.  

Zac Graham - Zac was only in his third year as a lacrosse player having picked it up his sophomore year. He quickly found his position as a FOGO and was really excelling this season. Zac scored his first varsity goal this year on the opening face-off against Huntington Beach in California. Zac was a student of the X and always looking at ways for himself to improve and understand how to counter the opponent. Zac was the Club President for the Alta Hockey team and was instrumental in their success for four years. Zac will be heading to Weber State University in the fall.

Hunter Rosbach - Hunter was a great defender for us, having contributed at varsity the last couple of years. He didn't show his emotion too often on the field doing a good job keeping emotions in check but when he did you could see how much he really cared about this teammates and Alta Lacrosse. Hunter was also a member of the Alta High Marching band finishing his senior year as the drum major. Hunter is going to be heading off to college this fall.  

Jahmaine Griego - We are grateful Jahmaine decided to start playing again his sophomore year. He has been a great D-middie for us and has been a leader on the field for us. He also played football for Alta and his intensity from football was a big help for the lacrosse team. Jahmaine was a shifty player and was great for our punt return clears. He took pride in his ability on the lacrosse field. Jahmaine is going to head to Weber State University with plans to double major in Political Science and Criminal Justice. Jahmaine is one of those that has continued to work through the stay at home as an employee of Sprouts. 

Jeremy Deforest - Brand new to lacrosse this year and already contributing on varsity.  Jeremy was a smart player and utilized his background in basketball and football to become a solid D-mid for us. He worked so hard at all aspects of the game to gain the opportunity of playing on varsity.  Kids with years of experience would comment how difficult it was to beat the new kid, they quickly learned his name. Jeremy is going to be going into a career of medical manufacturing after graduation.

Gavin Larson - Gavin came to us as a transfer his senior year and while rules prohibited from playing varsity he was a great contributor to the program. His work ethic and positive attitude were infectious. Gavin had a quest to always want to get better and while he couldn't play varsity, his love of lacrosse kept him coming back each day and being a leader for our program. Gavin will be serving a mission the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and plans to head to Dixie State afterwards.

Rhett Turley - Rhett was another newcomer to the lacrosse team. We only wish he had picked it up sooner. His athleticism and smarts made him a good lacrosse player from day one. Rhett was also the No. 1 tennis player for Alta competing as the No. 1 Doubles team. Two practices a day plus homework and this kid never once complained about anything. Had such a great attitude and always had a smile on his face.  He loved being out there and competing.

Gage Weseman - Gage was another new player for Alta, having come over and transferring he wasn't eligible for varsity. A true example of working hard and enjoying the ride, Gage was a great example to the team, from seniors down to freshman, of just putting in work and having fun doing it. Gage being new to Alta, took many steps to better himself including Student Government at Alta. Gage is looking forward to the next adventure and new opportunities to grow.

Bear River Boys Lacrosse

Caeden Miller - Caeden anchored the defense for Bear River. He began his high school career with Box Elder, where he started as a freshman and was selected to the All-State team. With Bear River, he was selected to the All-State squad both this sophomore and junior seasons, including the positional MVP his sophomore year.  Not only has he been a great player, he has also been instrumental in the development of his teammates, accepting the role of a player/coach as the program has grown.  He performs well in the classroom and takes his education very seriously. Caeden will attend William Penn University this fall on a lacrosse scholarship.  

Tyler Howard - Tyler has been an offensive power house for Bear River.  If we ever "had to have" a goal, he would get the nod. He has an incredible lacrosse IQ, that exhibits itself both in his own performance, but also in the way he teaches and instructs his fellow players. Tyler is an example to his teammates of personal dedication to the game and what can come from countless hours of hard work. He was selected All-State both his sophomore and junior seasons which included the positional MVP his sophomore year. Tyler plans to attend BYU-Idaho next fall while preparing for a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. 

Bracken Bjorn - Bracken started playing lacrosse as a sophomore, but anyone who saw him play recently would never know. He has developed into a force as a defender with an amazing understanding of the game for just a 2nd year player. Bracken is a great leader with an incredible sense of humor. He works incredibly hard on and off the field. His work ethic is contagious. Bracken plans to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints after attending college for a year. 

Carson Grover - Carson first started playing lacrosse as a sophomore and has developed into a strong attackman. He has a quiet demeanor, but leads the team by example. He always played unselfish and wanted to help his teammates in any way he could. He showed up to start this season trimmed down and much faster than previous seasons. He was on his way to having a great year with goals in two of our first three games. Carson plans to continue on with the family business after high school.  

Easton Eggli - Easton played attack and is without question the fastest/quickest player on the team. His understanding of the game combined with his speed creates nightmares for his opponents. He can literally run circles around the defense. Easton has a great attitude and is always willing to do whatever he can for the benefit of the team. His vision on the field and willingness to help his teammates helped him to be out team leader in assists for the three games we played this season. Easton plans to play hockey at the collegiate level and serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

Devin Lewis - Devin joined the Bear River squad as a junior and was able to step in almost immediately and help the defense. Devin is a great teammate that works hard and plays aggressive 100% of the time. He's been a great mentor to his two younger brothers who are also a part of the team. Devin plans to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

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