Your analysis of the numbers on the 5A standing are not accurate. UHSAA doesn't use laxnumbers.com for RPI or strength of schedule, lax numbers.com also includes playoff results in it's strength of schedule, which are irrelevant. The RPI that was used to determine seedings was maxpreps.com (as I am sure you are aware) and Park City's OWP was .751 and Bountiful's was .563, almost .200 points higher. Park City also played 3 6a schools to Bountiful's 1, not to mention the 2 out of state schools who are both nationally ranked. Of the final 4 teams in this years tournament, Park City played them ALL three of them. Bountiful played not one. What would have been unfair is Bountiful getting the 2 seed when the Miners beat them straight up. The danger in using just records to determine the "better team" or higher seed is schools will sand bag their schedule for a better record, but that would be detrimental to the sport in Utah.

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